How to download instagram profile picture

Instagram is a best social networking app that allows users to share pictures,videos publicly or privately,here we can

upload pictures and videos of quality upto 1080 resolution.The awesome feature that separates instagram from other

apps is it confined photos to a square shape.Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger an

launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app and the service was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for

approximately US$1 billion and  december 2014 it gained 300 million users.Many of us love share images and videos

in instagram but we are unable to download images and videos which our friends share.We have already seen how to

download instagram pictures and videos.Today we come with a new trick to download instagram profle picture,not only

profile pictures you can download entire pictures uploaded by the user and also you can view full size profile picture

behalf of tiny profile picture using this trick.Just follow the below steps to download pictures and images.

How to download instagram profile picture:-

1)Downloading instagram profile picture is going to be very easy with our new trick.

2)For downloading instagram profile pictures there is a site called where we can download all profile

pictures in an easy manner.

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3)By using this trick you can not only download your profile picture you can also download any one profile picture of instagram user.

4)Just go to Instadp site from here.

How to download instagram profile picture

5)It asks for the username of the profile picture you need to download ,not only the profile picture you can download the

all pictures uploaded by the user.

How to download instagram profile picture

6)Here i am searching for the profile picture of the Instagram here i got the profile pictures of instagram.

How to download instagram profile picture

7)Now you can download this pictures by long pressing on the image then a pop up appears just click on save image

to download the image and also share image to your friends by clicking on Share image.

How to download instagram profile picture

This is the simple and easy way to download isntagram profile picture.Enjoy the trick if you

like this trick  share it with your friends.

IF you have any queries please feel free to comment.

Thank You(TechTotos).





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