Steps to Stop Facebook from using your WhatsApp data


Its Trending Tech News in worldwide that WhatsApp will Start sharing the user’s phone number with its Parent.

Facebook owned WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. The updation is that Whatsapp will start sharing the user’s phone number with its parent,allowing for, what the company claims, more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations on social media.

Whatsapp has announced this in a blogpost.

Facebook owned Whatsapp said there explore way of businesses to send messages in next few months with its paltform.

However the company promised that it won’t sell or share your number without the user permission with advertisers.

Still if you Dont want to share your phone number with Facebook, you have 30 days period to leave out. This means if the user has does not want your phone number to be shared with facebook, you have Window of 30 days to leave.

Facebook -owned Whatsapp has kept their privacy a bit hidden.However there are two options. Both are available in Android and iOS apps.

Here are the two options:

Option 1 :

Before you tap ‘Agree’ to facebook updated ‘Terms Of Service and Policy Private’, tap Read.You will see the control at the bottom of the screen.

If you Dont want to share your phone number to facebook ,You can ‘uncheck’ the box or ‘toggle’ the control.

Option 2:

Unfortunately,if you tap ‘Agreed’ button you will have additional 30 days to make choice by going to

settings>Account> and  uncheck Share my account info in the app

if you dont want to share information with facebook, you can simply ‘uncheck’ the box or ‘toggle’ the control.

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