how to make your mobile number as private number

Now you can hide your mobile number appearing to your friends at the time of call by making your number as private number.Many people think to hide their  mobile number from the people whom they call.You can Block Caller ID information so that your number will not appear on recipients phone.

In many countries you can block your caller id information and make your number not visible to your recipients.There is a code used for blocking caller id,it varies from country and service provider.In India we use *31# to block caller id and make your mobile number as a private number.

1)First you need to dail *31# from your mobile number.

2)Now wait for 24 hours after that your mobile number will activated for blocking caller id.

3)Just call any of your friend and check after 24 hours,your number will not appear because you have activated private number.

4)To deactivate private number again dail *31# from your mobile number after 24 hours it will be deactivated successfully.

Note:-Present it is working only for airtel users in India for other users this it must be enabled by the service provider.

For other countries other than India:-

Countries other than India should use this method to block caller id.You should enter the prefix by the number you are dialing. For example if you are in the US and want to call (999)143-1433, you would enter *6759991431433

1)Albania, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway: #31#

2)Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa: *31*

3)Germany: *31# or #31#

4)North America ,US – *67 or #31#

5)UK and Ireland: 141

6)Australia: 1831 or #31#

7)New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) or *67 (Vodafone)

8)Hong Kong: 133

9)Japan: 184

If your country is not listed, chances are you can use either *67 or #31#.

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