How to convert text into audio using notepad

Today i am going to share a new ultimate trick to convert text into audio simply using notepad.Converting text into audio using notepad is very simple rather than using any software or third party tool.For using this trick you no need to buy any software or tool.

Many of us willing to hear our notes and material rather than reading it on our pc/laptop.But getting worried to convert text into audio by using our new notepad trick it will become much easier.Don’t think that the trick is time taking process you can just do this in less than 30 seconds.All the thing you need to do is just follow the below steps.

How to convert text into audio using notepad:-

1)Open notepad Press Win+R and Type Notepad and Hit Enter as shown below.


2)After opening the notepad Copy and Paste the below code in notepad.

Dim techtotos, sapi
techtotos=InputBox("Enter your text to convert into")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak techtotos


3)Now save the above code in .vbs format at your desired location.


4)Now you can see that the notepad program is automatically converted into a Visual Basic Script File (VBS File).

5)Just double click on the icon to run the file and enter the text which you want to convert to audio then hit on OK button.




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